Canola Oil Friend or Foe?

  Canola Oil Is Not the best fat for cooking ! Articles full of misinformation in the fitness magazines regarding the best fats to cook with. The number one choice (canola oil) is actually one of the worst fats to cook with, and the real number one fat to cook with doesn’t even make the list. A little more than 30% of canola oil is made up of polyunsaturated fats, very fragile fatty acids that are easily damaged by high heat processing, which is the processing method of virtually all commercial forms of canola oil. Sure, it’s made up of a large portion of heat-resistant monounsaturates, but that still leaves 30% of the oil as denatured, processed junk.. And you know what happens when fragile polyunsaturates are heated to high temperatures? That’s right, they turn to trans fats, the absolute worst possible thing you can put in your body! Trans-fats ...(Read More)