Total Body/Mindset System

  Sit in a chair, sit back and tilt your head back, take a deep breath, relax and close your eyes. Take notice of how your feet feel. How about your hands? Can you feel your toes? What about your heart? Is it pounding or is it relaxed? Is it starting to calm down? How is your breath?Are you inhaling longer than you’re exhaling? Are you taking shallow breaths and exhaling for prolonged periods of time? Do you feel stress when you take a deep breath? Is it overwhelming to your thought process, to your emotions, to the way you feel at this very moment? How is your stress level? On a scale of 0-10, 10 is the most stressed out you could possibly imagine, near suicidal and 0 is nothing at all.How do you feel right now, at this moment in time? Are you in touch with how you ...(Read More)

Is Our Food Supply Safe?

Americans are becoming reactivists. For as smart as we are, it seems we play catch up more often than being the proactive party. You’re telling me no one in 1980 or 1990 did the math and realized we are on the road to running out of oil? Hey politicians, here’s a head’s up–we are going to run out of potable water, too. Let me translate this into terms you care about: you will have to bathe your mistress in sewage. The most hassling example of this chicken/egg cycle is flying nowadays: first the shoe bomb, then then check the shoes. First the liquid bomb, then ban the Visine and lipgloss–and believe you me there is nothing scarier that getting off the plane with red eyes and cracked lips. Same holds true with healthcare. This country is addicted to the prescription, the afterthought, the hindsight when we need to flip the ...(Read More)