10 Foods to boast your sex drive

Eat these top 10 foods to boast your sex drive!! An anti-inflammatory diet will work wonders for your sex life. Because you will quickly dropunwanted body fat, you will also feel more attractive which always helps when it comes to the libido. Healthy fats are vital to hormone production, and a healthy sex life is all about the hormones. Here is a short list of some wonderful foods that will go a long way in enhancing your sex life as well as your overall sense of happiness. 1. Wild Salmon and other cold-water fish (sardines, herring, trout, etc.) are high in omega-3 fats. In fact, if you want just one food group guaranteed to help increase overall health and sexual stamina, then these fish are for you. Omega-3s are critical to the brain and nervous system. They will also improve mood, increase your sense of well-being, fight depression, give you ...(Read More)