Secrets on Fat Loss

  Secrets Preventing Your Fat Loss Secret #1: Your Metabolism It’s not your metabolism that’s the problem, it’s the effect that most fat loss programs, have on your metabolism. Don’t get enough calories for an extended period of time? The body simply causes bad hormones, fat storage enzymes, and hunger to increase while good hormones, metabolism, and fat burning enzymes to drop off a cliff. You enter starvation mode. Start a diet and it won’t be long before the body begins fighting for every ounce of your body fat. Your body will win every time. Secret #2: Inadequate Negative Calorie Load Ifyou want to lose fat, you have to create a negative calorie load. You have to do this without causing your body to shut down. It is a fine line and why diets fail to deliver! There are those diets that create a moderate calorie deficit, equaling moderate results ...(Read More)