Truth or Myth

  Let’s talk about the supposed best source of calcium: a.k.a: milk! Drinking milk is an excellent source of calcium. Or IS IT?┬áThen I looked up at the milk refrigerator and it said Healthy Milk. I thought to myself, wow, I can’t believe the advertising, and people actually believe this stuff. It may contain calcium, but an excellent source? I don’t think so! I want to debunk that myth for you right now. Americans consume a lot of milk annually along with Scandinavian countries, and many European countries. In fact, we’re in the top 12 consumers of milk among all the countries in the world, yet the United States along with Europe account for more than half of all bone fractures in the world. And the incidences of osteoporosis in these countries are increasing every year. How does this happen if we are consuming cartons and cartons of milk, which ...(Read More)