Glenn Hutchinson

Creator & Founder of Train Me, Glenn. I tailor health, wellness and fitness programs for your body shape and lifestyle. I developed a step by step roadmap that is affordable and easy to execute to have a flat belly, lose your love handles and make your energy soar so you look and feel amazing! I do this by working with you using methods that have been successful time-in-time again in the real-world. Methods over the last 16 years that I have developed and used for myself. I was given less than 6 months to live 16 years ago. I'm still here and helping others live longer and get younger every year.

One of Seven Pillars from my Cancer Health Coaching Program

One of the Pillars I use in my health coaching program is Emotional Cleansing of Negative emotion as a root cause of cancer. There is far too much science to back this stance up, so keep an open mind.Stanford psychiatrist, Dr. David Spiegel, was a skeptic when he began his study on the influence of negativity on breast cancer patients. He was shocked to discover that at the ten-year survival checkup, those women who included ...(Read More)

Integrative approaches to stopping cancer.

It takes 10 to 12 years from one cancer cell to a tumor that has been fermenting in your body before it is seen on a PET scan, CAT scan, or an ultrasound. So, why isn’t the medical community using “The Cancer Profile” test, or the”onco blot” test which detects a protein that’s found on a cancer cell at a much earlier stage also the location of the cancer cell. The “onco blot” test has ...(Read More)

Leading cause of back pain may surprise you.

The leading cause of back pain may surprise you. Bacteria may be behind your back pain, but antibiotics aren’t the best answer An interesting study out of Denmark found that a 90-day program of antibiotics reduced or eliminated back pain in many of the participants. That’s promising news for chronic back pain sufferers… but there’s a problem with antibiotics. They don’t just kill off the bad flora, they also kill off the good. And an ...(Read More)

The Great Food Experiment

Here is a cool experiment. Go to your local grocery market in the ice cream isle. Find an ice cream that does not have soy, corn starch, corn syrup, glucose, canola oil or modified palm oil. Here’s a hint: Ice cream does not require any of those ingredients to be made, to taste good, or to stay fresh! They are however the cheaper, less nutritious versions (cheaper because of the farming handouts, less nutritious because ...(Read More)

Dining To Stop Making Cancer

DINING TO STOP MAKING CANCER One of the best aspects of our Coaching Program is to prove to you that food choices designed to prevent and control cancer can be delicious! The type of diet that appears to minimize cancer risk is low in “high-quality” animal protein and saturated animal fats, and rich in lower-glycemic-index carbohydrates from NON-GMO whole grains, pasta, beans, fruit and fruit juices. It also features phytonutrient-rich vegetables – particularly cruciferous and ...(Read More)

Don’t make this big mistake with your health

Magnesium Deficiency and it’s consequences to you.  Your body is made up of trillions of cells.  Each one of these cells is responsible for charging complex systems that maintain homeostasis and keep you alive.  Your cells depend on the fuel they need to function so that you can enjoy optimal health and longevity. Unfortunately, our food sources have become contaminated by industrialized farming methods and over-processing, leaving our cells with inadequate fuel to function properly. ...(Read More)

A healthy day as seen by our brain

Have you ever wondered what a healthy and fit day would look like for your brain? If you are like most people you have not entertained the thought. That is why as a health coach I take the time needed to filter out all the bad information and make sure you get the most effective and cutting edge solutions to your health and fitness problems. I know that in our busy lives sleep is one ...(Read More)

Taking Ownership of your Health and Wellness

Taking ownership of your health and wellness is a completely new paradigm because for decades in conventional medicine most of us growing up felt that if we had cancer or a life threatening disease befell us for some unknown reason, we would just go to the doctor and get it fixed by attacking it. If the cancer or  life threatening disease went away no one ever looked to see if there was a connection between ...(Read More)

Tips from My 18 year Fitness Journey

  Tips from My 18 Year Fitness Journey!! Tips & Lessons from my personal Fitness Journey. I share with you the latest health and fitness information that really works in the real world before anyone else. No amount of exercise will correct hormone imbalances for fat loss: You must control your Leptin hormone in your battle to lose body fat and put one more hormone on your side. People are unknowingly fighting a losing battle ...(Read More)

Fat loss hormone to rebalance weight loss

  You must control your Leptin hormone in your battle to lose body fat and put one more hormone on your side. People are unknowingly fighting a losing battle with leptin every time they attempt to lose weight. Your body depends on high levels of leptin and sensitive leptin receptors to burn fat. Anytime you go on a diet and reduce your calorie intake, leptin levels plummet and fat burning is dramatically reduced. Because leptin’s ...(Read More)