One of Seven Pillars from my Cancer Health Coaching Program

One of the Pillars I use in my health coaching program is Emotional Cleansing of Negative emotion as a root cause of cancer. There is far too much science to back this stance up, so keep an open mind.Stanford psychiatrist, Dr. David Spiegel, was a skeptic when he began his study on the influence of negativity on breast cancer patients. He was shocked to discover that at the ten-year survival checkup, those women who included coaching in their lives survived twice as long as those who did not.

You read that right…there was a 50% better survival rate by purging negative emotion.

Another Yale research study found that cancer spread faster in women who had “repressed personalities.” They defined the word “repressed” as having intense feelings of hopelessness and not having the ability to express anger, fear, or other negative emotions.

In other words, they bottled it all up inside and it made them sicker, faster.

Stress is known in the conventional and alternative communities as a major cause of inflammation. It is one thing everyone agrees on (though conventional medicine’s answer is another prescription). Inflammation has been discovered at the base of all known diseases.

In other words, stress will kill you through cancer or heart attack or autoimmune disease…if you allow it to control your life. Balanced emotions equal a balanced physiological system. Please Like, Share and Comment Thank you…