Integrative approaches to stopping cancer.

It takes 10 to 12 years from one cancer cell to a tumor that has been fermenting in your body before it is seen on a PET scan, CAT scan, or an ultrasound. So, why isn’t the medical community using “The Cancer Profile” test, or the”onco blot” test which detects a protein that’s found on a cancer cell at a much earlier stage also the location of the cancer cell. The “onco blot” test has been  available since 2013. Dr. Connealy talks about Energy testing being the wave of the future. Traditional doctors have surgery, chemo, radiation and these do not treat stem cells or circulating tumor cells of cancer. Dr. Connealy’s video from the San Diego Integrative approach to cancer summit will provide information to help you make better decisions on your health.



Jan and I while in Truckee, CA.

Jan and I hiking while in Truckee, CA.