Taking Ownership of your Health and Wellness

Taking ownership of your health and wellness is a completely new paradigm because for decades in conventional medicine most of us growing up felt that if we had cancer or a life threatening disease befell us for some unknown reason, we would just go to the doctor and get it fixed by attacking it. If the cancer or  life threatening disease went away no one ever looked to see if there was a connection between their lifestyle and their disease. So this is really a whole new paradigm change. 

We didn’t think about genetic modified foods because it wasn’t around. Genetic modified foods and pounds of sugar being put into our food supply  is a relatively new thing that took place after the industrial revolution. In the past we didn’t eat the huge amounts of sugar that are being added to our food supply today. We couldn’t eat that many calories or eat the same foods for 365 days.  These are all very new occurrences that science and medicine has just never looked at because they weren’t around. It always seems to take 40, 50 years for us to say oh I think that might have caused something. People can really do damage to themselves these days that they couldn’t do 20 years ago.  

Now a days you can open up your laptop first thing in the morning and do hundreds of emails by the time it’s noon, you can really get yourself stressed where the body will never rest.  People that are eating well, eat the same five foods most of the time. If one of those foods creates a sensitivity to your immune system causing it to blog down, then you are in trouble. I think the environment has put such a burden on us, that what we are able to do to ourselves today has never been done in history before. As people we just didn’t have to pay attention to it because it wasn’t possible to do. Today you need to take ownership of your health by educating yourself. I am in hopes to seeing you along the path.