Is Arthritis a Degenerative Condition?


Is arthritis a degenerative condition?  Are all forms of arthritis auto-immune?  Okay, let’s examine those questions.  This is a topic near and dear to me as I have this condition and have been able to stop all symptoms and regenerate healthy tissue. Is that possible?  Because I work as a nurse I’ve been exposed to all types of medical treatments over the past 39 years.

Degeneration is caused by the body self attacking the tissue as with auto-immune conditions or inflammation, oxidative stress or free radical damage, and wear & tear.   In medicine we do not talk about regeneration because we work primarily with drugs or surgery.   Have you ever thought about how miraculous the human body is and about it’s amazing potential to regenerate healthy cells given the right compounds.  I am not talking a drug that shuts down a pathway but about nutrients that decrease damage and allow the body to rebuild, restore, and repair.

Auto-immune diseases are simply a dysregulated immune system and considering that 65% of the immune system lies in the gut, it makes sense to create a strong healthy environment so that your body absorbs nutrients effectively.   Leaky guts can create an inflammatory situation so getting the gut to great health is essential. Because we now know how important Vitamin D is for immunity raising your level to between 50 to 100 will strengthen your immune system.

Since this is a complex issue I work with people to eat a more anti-inflammatory meal plan and take steps toward reducing damage and increasing repair.  Ten years ago I had mornings when getting out of bed was uncomfortable, my fingers ached but over time as I’ve done the work of regeneration there has been remarkable improvement.  I ran a half marathon last year and currently run 5 Ks having never run in my life because my bones have ache since my 20s.  Do nothing at all and you will continue to degenerate.   Is it possible to regenerate and regulate the immune system?  I am living proof that it is….

Anne Moreau RNC BSN

Proactive Health With Anne/Regenerative Nutrition

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