How you can be a healthier weekend warrior


Become A Healthier/Safer Weekend Warrior


We’ve all done it and I have been as guilty as the last guy at times.  You are running late to a round of golf or game of pick-up basketball, jump out of your car, run to the first tee or court, and jump right in 100%.  Unfortunately this is a recipe for an injury, either traumatic or the overuse variety.  

As hard as it is sometimes to squeeze in an extra 10 minutes into our busy schedules, these few minutes prior to activity can be the difference between incurring an injury or playing your best round ever. 

Most weekend warriors were at some point in their lives competitive athletes either in football, basketball, track, baseball, etc.  During this time of their lives, either collegiately or in high school, these athletes practiced rigorously, worked out in the weight room, ran and stretched pre and post game play.  Take these same people now 10-20 years later, and often times its just “play” and they wonder why they incur injuries and don’t play at their best. 

There is no way to guarantee that you will never incur an injury but you can certainly reduce the likelihood by being in proper shape for the activity.  This means a combination of cardiovascular conditioning, appropriate strength training, and proper flexibility.  The offseason exercise program should be a combination of these exercises at least 3 times per week leading you to the season.  It is a fallacy that once your sports season begins you should quit exercising; it just needs to be “tweaked” a bit.  You need to stay flexible, powerful and strong during the season as well as train on days you do not compete.  Try to arrive to your activity/sport at least 20 minutes early to warm up and stretch the muscles you will be using, which in most cases are your legs, trunk and upper extremities.  Warm muscles are more extensible and are less likely to strain under load.  Be safer, healthier, and happier this sports season, whatever that may be for you, by being more prepared.