Balance your body to lose the fat and tone the muscle.

The longer I’ve been in the healthcare industry,
the more I realize that a ‘balanced body’ is the key
to just about any health goal you might have. Whether
you want to lose weight, reduce bodyfat, build muscle,
or increase athleticism, the faster you balance your body
the quicker you’ll see results.

The first step is to balance your ‘Macronutrient Ratio,
which is just a fancy way of saying that you have to
balance the amount of carbs:proteins:fats you consume.

Next, consider the ‘Nutrient Density’ in everything you eat.
Not all calories were created equally, not even from the same
macronutrient classification or category.

Cholesterol is actually normal and great for your body — it’s
something your body naturally produces, and it’s required to
sustain life.  However, inflammation + high levels of cholesterol
consumption with your diet results in a very dangerous situation.

Triglycerides are often the root cause of inflammation and bloating,
as a result of most people’s dietary standards.  If you eat sugar,
you’re inflating.  If you eat cookies, crackers, white bread, or
estrogenic products like soy and non-organic fruits and vegetables,
you’re inflaming.  Ultimately, this means that your body will have
a harder time processing the carbs it consumes.  Your body’s
relationship with a normal macronutrient changes, and it will
affect you differently.

If you have a lot of inflammation in your body, fix this first, then
adjust your diet for increased nutrient density.  Get rid of any
trans fats, most of the grains you consume, and any food category
that you’re particularly sensitive to.  Alongside, take a careful look
at your environment — if you are in a stressed-out situation, take
time each day to calm your mind through meditation, positive self-talk,
and visualization of happier circumstances.

Once you address the inflammation in your body, you can hone in
on eating the “right” foods, even if they have things like cholesterol
in them that scares you to put in your mouth.  Now its time for the
grass-fed beef, free range organic and grass-fed chickens, and the
eggs they produce (yolks included!)

Micronutrients, on the other hand, are an uphill battle.  To derive all of the
micronutrients your body needs simply from the food you consume is
very difficult.  For example, you’d have to eat a variety of about 25 different
fruits and vegetables, but just small pieces of each one.  This is how you’d
get the proper mineral balance, sugar consumption, and antioxidant value
you need for optimal health.

Not to mention, the health of your digestive tract determines how well your
body will respond to any of the information above.  Digestive enzymes that
target with ease digestion and enzyme release specifically designed to break
up acidic foods, or difficult to digest substances, can make a game-changing
difference in the balance of your overall health.

Again, you can do a lot for your gut by consuming ‘Probiotics’ in the form of
plain (non-sweetened) yogurt, and you can strengthen your digestive tract
significantly.  However, this is only part of the equation, and it would have
to be daily habit.

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