The Good Old Boys At The FDA

The good old FDA in all it’s brilliance has done it 

 The unfortunate part of this whole thing is that
 I literally choked on my beloved coffee once I read the article released by the AP.

 Just yesterday the FDA approved another new 
diet pill for doctors to prescribe to obese patients.

 The new drug is called Belvig. 

The FDA had denied approval for this drug in 
2010 when scientist showed concerns that the
 drug may actually cause Tumors in people.
But just yesterday the FDA approved this drug 
after “new information” was produced by the

Here’s the part that kicks my butt…

The studies show that this drug has helped obese 
people lose as much as 5% of their body weight
 within a year. 

That means that a 300 lbs obese woman can lose 
as much as 15 pounds in a year. 


Give me a 300 Lb woman and I’ll help her lose 15 
pounds in 2-3 weeks by two simple tweaks…

1. adding 15-20 minutes of walking to her lifestyle
 and 2. removing some starches from her diet. 

My point is this…

You and I know that what you do and how you do it 
is the ultimate fat loss solution because you teach 
a lifestyle change, exercise, and good nutrition.

 BUT the general public doesn’t care. 

All they’re going to see is the ten o’clock news 
when the talking heads tell them that the FDA has
approved a new weight loss pill. 

Then they’re going to see the TV ads from this 
drug company touting the new weight loss drug 
and encouraging them to “ask there doctor about it”. 

The public is going to see hope in this drug. 

But YOU have an ethical obligation to educate and
 enlighten your friends, family and community on 
this new drug and how like all other drugs that were 
once approved and are now banned, this may
 end up the same way. 

And that ultimately the hope of losing 5% of your
body weight within a year shouldn’t out weigh 
the risk of side effects like potential TUMORS .

Here’s your chance to email your friends, family, Facebook and tweet
about this new drug and tell your community the truth before 
they hear the news and actually start considering Belvig
as a viable option.

Your friend and coach,