3 So-Called Healthy Foods That You Should Stop Eating


The average adult eating a typical Western diet in modern countries consumes approximately 70% of their calories from wheat, corn and soy.

Our bodies, however, are still programmed to the natural diets of our ancestors, who only included approximately 5% of their total calories from these foods.

Considering this disparity, it’s not hard to imagine why we have such massive problems with obesity and poor nutrition. Our digestive systems were not meant to consume these foods in such large amounts and as such we have developed many intolerances and allergies to soy and wheat (also known as gluten), causing bloating.

These high levels of wheat, corn and soy in our modern diet are a relatively new phenomenon that originated from the economics of their multi-billion dollar industries.  It’s all about the money and not about our health!

Derivatives of wheat, corn and soy are the food additives:

  • corn oil
  • soybean oil (hydrogenated or plain refined)
  • soy protein
  • refined wheat flour
  • HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup)
  • other food additives such as maltodextrin, corn or wheat starch, soy lecithin, mono and the list is endless.


Marinades, salad dressings, ketchup, breads, and many of other like-foods contain loads of belly-fattening HFCS! Consider how many people consume soda or other sweetened drinks with HFCS’s and Neurotoxins daily. Watch the short video below.


Also think about how many processed foods we eat that are either fried in soybean or corn oil. These oils are additives to processed food like chips, candies, cakes, salad dressings, tomato sauces, burrito wraps, corn chips, and breaded chicken. The list is endless!

What about the breads, cereals, pastas, muffins, and other highly processed wheat products that people consume each day?  Huge amounts of unhealthy, blood-sugar spiking, nutrient-poor calories are consumed regularly that more than half of the population have some degree of naturally-occurring intolerance.

We are feeding farm animals corn and soy, increasing  the amount that passes through the food chain which ends up in our bodies.

Cows are fed corn in factory feedlot farms, even though their digestive systems are only meant to eat grass and other forage. This alters the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of the fats to unhealthy levels and also diminishes the healthy CLA fats that would occur naturally in grass-fed cows.

Our chickens are also fed a diet of mostly corn and soy and are crowded in tight pens. Chickens are meant to roam around the outdoors eating a mixture of greens, insects, worms, and seeds.  When chickens are kept inside in tight quarters and fed only grains, it leads to an unhealthy meat for you to eat as well as less healthy eggs compared to free-roaming chickens.

We’re feeding farmed fish diets of corn and soy because of costs. This makes farm-raised fish unhealthy in terms of nutrition compared to their wild counterparts.

So when you’re eating chicken, beef and fish, you’re actually introducing more corn and soy into your body because the cows, chickens, and farmed fish were fed these unnatural diets.

Here’s why it’s so unhealthy to consume 70% of our calories from wheat, corn and soy!

  • This type of diet changes the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats in our diet to as high as 25:1, when a natural ratio of 1:1 to 2:1 in our ancestral human diet is considered healthy.
  • Wheat, corn and soy exacerbate problems with gluten intolerance (related to heavy wheat consumption).
  • They cause problems with weight gain because of blood-sugar swings and reduced insulin sensitivity (and progression of diabetes) due to excessive refined corn and wheat flours, as well as HFCS in our diet.
  • Corn and soy are the most genetically modified crops permitting  more pesticides and herbicides to be used, which are xeno-estrogens.
  • Many of the pesticide and herbicide residues in these crops are xeno-estrogens, which can increase stubborn belly fat
  • Soy products and derivatives contain xeno-estrogens as well as phytoestrogens, again creating an environment in your body for fat storage, carcinogenic effects.
  • Feeding corn and soy to animals reduces the health and nutritional benefits of those animal products.


Take control of your weight and your health!

1. Don’t purchase processed foods. It all starts with your grocery cart discipline. Choose only 1-ingredient foods such as fruits, veggies, beans, eggs (fed a natural diet), nuts, seeds, and meats from grass-fed or free roaming animals.  Organic is preferred. Consume junk foods or processed foods on a 1-day per week “cheat day” but ONLY when dining out. Don’t keep processed foods in your house to tempt you.

2. Get most of your carbs from fruits and veggies instead of grains.

3.  Avoid store bought salad dressings as they almost always contain soybean oil and HFCS.

4. Make sure that your tomato sauces don’t have HFCS and soybean oils. Look for sauces made with olive oil instead.

5. If you like guacamole, try veggie sticks with guacamole instead of genetically-modified, oil-soaked corn chips.

6. If you like hummus, try veggies sticks with hummus instead of pita chips or other bread.

7. Reduce your cereal, bread, and pasta intake by having these foods only on “cheat days” and stick to more of the 1-ingredient foods.

8. Stop drinking sodas (they contain Neurotoxins and HFCS) and instead make your own flavored water.

Nobody is perfect. Take small steps and over time you’ll see and feel the improvements. Set a 1 year goal to get your wheat, corn and soy consumption down to 5% of your total daily calories.

Take control of your own health instead of allowing large corporations to take control.

Food Is Medicine! Train Hard! Train Smart!